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Service Description: Total fishery production covers total catches in the seven regions covered by EU Statistical Regulations [3] as well as aquaculture production for human consumption. The monitoring of catches and aquaculture production is an essential tool for securing fish stocks and sustaining the common resources available in Europe’s large and rich fishing area. The total production of fishery products in the EU was an estimated 6.0 million tonnes of live weight equivalent (in other words, the mass or weight when removed from water) in 2013. It should be noted that this figure excludes catch data for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Austria and Slovakia, which are landlocked countries without a marine fishing fleet. The EU figure for 2013 suggests there was a rise in fishery production (+ 6.5 % compared with 2012), contradicting the steady decline noted over the previous 13 years (– 28.5 % from 2000 to 2012). This rise in total production was only due to increased catches given the decline of aquaculture production. Source: Eurostat (fish_ca_main), (fish_aq_q) and (fish_aq2a)

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