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snippet: EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy – EU4Ocean Platform members
summary: EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy – EU4Ocean Platform members
extent: [[-122.400766,-43.532055],[172.63623,66.5075330000001]]
thumbnail: thumbnail/thumbnail.png
maxScale: 0
typeKeywords: ["Data","Service","Map Service","ArcGIS Server"]
description: The EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy connects diverse organisations, projects and people that contribute to ocean literacy and the sustainable management of the ocean. Supported by the European Commission, this bottom-up inclusive initiative aims at uniting the voices of Europeans to make the ocean a concern of everyone. The Coalition is made up of three components: a Platform for organisations and individuals engaged in Ocean Literacy initiatives, a European Youth Forum for the Ocean and a Network of European Blue Schools. The EU4Ocean Platform brings together a wide diversity of stakeholders spanning the areas of marine research, science-policy, blue economy industry and the private sector, civil society, arts, education, youth and media. This includes multiple scales from local and national organisations to regional sea and European initiatives. Platform Member Pages. Platform members can share ideas, build partnerships and collaborate to ensure a more coordinated approach to ocean literacy in Europe and develop concrete activities that creates real awareness, engagement and momentum across society for action and change. The members are mobilised around three Working Groups (WGs) themes: Climate and Ocean, Food from the Ocean and Healthy and Clean Ocean. More information.
title: EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy – EU4Ocean Platform members
type: Map Service
tags: ["EU4Ocean"]
culture: en-GB
name: eu4ocean_members_update
guid: C73329F7-2914-4AFF-ADA5-F1D7C231C0A9
minScale: 0
spatialReference: GCS_WGS_1984