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Maratlas/Coastal_Communes_simplified (MapServer)

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Service Description: Coastal regions are defined as standards statistical regions (NUTS 3 level), which have at least half of their population within 50 km of the coast. There are 446 coastal regions in the European Union belonging to 22 Member States. 372 of these regions have a coastline ("bordering the sea"), 73 are near the sea but have no coastline, Hamburg has been added according to its strong influence on the coast. Coastal areas are based on the local area units or municipalities (LAU-2). Coastal areas consist of municipalities (or equivalent local administrative units) that are bordering the sea or close to the sea. Coastal areas and non-coastal areas are classified according to the distance of the municipality to the sea: if a municipality borders the sea, it is by default coastal (and part of a coastal region); if a municipality is not bordering the sea but has 50% of its surface within a distance of 10km from the sea, it is also considered coastal; all other municipalities are non-coastal

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